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Slot machines have achieved popularity like no other casino game thanks to their appealing looks and sounds, and the ease with which anyone can play them.

With so many different slot machines available for play these days, it is not unusual that many theories and myths about them have arisen over the years.

Naturally, there are also some slot machine secrets that the casinos are keeping to themselves.

As always, some of the things that people say about slots are true, while others are not, and there are some things that are being kept hidden altogether.

In this article, I will tell you the top secrets of slot machines that you should know if you enjoy playing these games. These may even help you get better results the next time you play.

12. All Slots Are Truly Random

Slots players often think that there are ways to predict how a slot will play at a certain time, such as when it’s full of money or completely “emptied out.”

While it may seem like this kind of superstition plays against the casinos, it actually does not. These notions keep players coming back with the hopes of beating the house.

The secret of slot machines that the casinos don’t really want you to know is that slot machines are actually random.

Each game is programmed to pay back a certain percentage of all wagers, but that is only reflected over millions of spins.

On any given night, neither the floor man nor the casino manager could tell you which slot is going to pay big and which is going to take all your money; they simply don’t know.

Slot machines are programmed to be random and to give back less than is wagered on them, but that’s really all anyone can tell you.

After all, why do you think it is that all the “slots professionals” who know the tricks of hot and cold slots still go home most nights with empty pockets?

11. Many Casino Promotions are Scams

While some casinos, especially online, offer fair promotions that actually add value to your playing time, some promotions are actually designed to cost you money.

A great example of this is bonuses that come with such high wagering requirements that they actually end up costing you money, even in a theoretical sense.

A casino bonus should double your balance and give you a fair chance to play at higher stakes.

However, if the wagering requirement is too high, the bonus is not really worth taking, as the house edge eats through it and some of your deposit by the time you complete it.

You should be very careful when claiming any casino bonuses and promotions and look through the terms and conditions associated with it before you start playing.

10. Some Slots Are Much Better Than Others

The next on our list of slot machine secrets is that the casinos don’t want you to know is that there can be massive differences in the payout rates of slots.

Some online casinos offer games with payouts of over 99%, while there are live casinos where payouts of 80% are the norm.

casino slots secrets

What’s even worse, an online casino might offer a slot with a 99% payout rate alongside other games where the payout rate is 95%.

If you think about it, this means that you will lose $1 for every $100 wagered on the first game and $4 for every $100 wagered on the other, which is a 400% difference.

You want to play the games with the highest RTP rates as often as possible, but many players don’t even know this is a thing.

Instead, most players are charmed by the quirky animations, fun sounds, and exciting gameplay features of slot machines.

This makes them forget all about the RTP and burn through their money instead of giving themselves the best possible chance by playing the most profitable slots.

9. Slot Machine Secretes 101: There Are No Slot Winners

The truth is that slot machines are only good to play if you are looking to have fun. They are definitely not beatable in the long run.

You have probably heard the stories by the local gamblers about some players who can beat the slots, but these stories are simply fables.

There is absolutely no way to beat the slots, regardless of your approach, strategy, or betting pattern.

These games are so well designed and give the casino such a big edge that everyone ends up a loser, and quite quickly, too.

Even players who manage to get lucky and land a big jackpot end up losing more in their lifetime if they keep playing.

And they almost always keep playing, which is another secret casinos don’t talk about.

Slot machines, in particular, are designed to hook players and keep them coming for more with their bells and whistles, and they offer nothing but entertainment in return.

If you are looking to make money in the casino, which is a bad idea to start with, you should definitely avoid slots in a wide circle.

8. Low Variance Slots Are Money Pits

Cautious gamblers out there might tell you to stick to low variance slots and that this is the secret of slot machines that you need to know.

However, the truth is quite the opposite.

Low variance slots will never land you a big win and will keep you playing until you have lost any money you have on you.

High variance slots will usually take your money as well, but on occasion, they will land you a big win which may satisfy you enough to walk away for a while.

secrets of slot machines

Games without big bonuses or jackpots are designed to keep you in your seat until you have no more money to put into the machine.

If you are just looking to spend a night out at the casino, low variance games may be for you, but be ready to drop quite a bit of money with very little hope for a big win.

7. Slot Machine Secrets: These Games Are Often Deceiving

We’ve all been there. We are playing a slot, and it starts to shake, play loud music, and the screen changes its color. We must have hit the jackpot!

Two seconds later, the slot displays a modest win that we’ve landed, leaving us to scratch our heads and hit that spin button again.

Most modern slot machines are designed to keep things interesting, so even small wins are represented as a major success.

Words like great, fabulous, and amazing are often used by slots, both online and live, to depict wins that are not sufficient to keep us playing for five minutes.

Yet, these little cut scenes seem to keep players happy enough, and it’s one of the slot machine secrets that big wins aren’t always that big in reality.

6. Progressive Jackpots Are Bad for You

Well, they are bad for you unless you happen to be the lucky player who lands the big win, which is very unlikely.

For all other players, slots with a progressive jackpot mean fewer returns from the base game and gameplay features and more money gone from their pocket.

Progressive slots are usually played across multiple venues, which makes them a huge money pit for thousands of players across a whole network of casinos.

slots secrets casinos dont want you to know

What’s even worse, there are times when the jackpot is not even “due” to be awarded, which means there is basically no chance of anyone landing it.

For days at a time, thousands of players will be filling up the prize pool for someone else without any chance of getting that money back.

Unless you are a dreamer and hope to win the lottery of sorts, you should avoid any game with a progressive jackpot as much as possible.

5. All Casino Rewards Are Designed to Keep You Playing

Whether you play slots live or online, there is a good chance you will be awarded loyalty points, comps, or other rewards for your play.

On the face of things, it seems nice for the casino to offer rewards to its loyal players, but the truth is that all loyalty schemes are just schemes to make you spend more money.

Sure enough, the casinos won’t force you to deposit any money or keep playing with your own cash, but by offering you extra incentives to play, they will increase the likelihood of you coming back.

All the money you are being given in rewards is coming right out of your own pocket!

Thus, these aren’t really rewards but rather a kickback of sorts.

In the long run, most players end up losing whatever the casinos give them and plenty of their own real cash on top of that due to loyalty perks.

Smart gamblers find ways to make the most of the VIP schemes, but for most others, loyalty clubs are just another trap they fall into.

4. It Doesn’t Matter What You Bet

When it comes to modern slot machines, especially those in online casinos, your bet size will not affect your returns.

Some of the older live slot machines used to pay more for those who bet the max, so this was something to pay attention to.

Modern slot machines always pay the same percentage of bets, regardless of your bet level.

This is not even one of real slot machine secrets but rather something that is openly talked about by all slot developers.

While some slot players still think that there is a difference between bet levels, the truth is it really doesn’t matter how much you bet, so just go ahead and bet whatever you are comfortable with.

3. Everything in a Casino Has a Purpose

Casinos have been around for many decades, and those operating them have perfected the art of making players stay inside and gamble their money away.

Everything from the colors of the carpets to the positioning of slot machines and the music that is played is carefully planned out with that goal.

If you ever wondered why casinos don’t have any windows or visible clocks, it is because they want you completely detached from reality.

Among the slot machine secrets that casinos don’t want you to know, you will discover that the animations and sounds in slot games are all designed simply to keep you playing.

secrets of casino slots

By mimicking regular video games, modern slots ensure that you feel safe and happy while losing your real cash with every spin.

Make sure you are aware of all this, and you may have a chance to get around the tricks and actually do some damage on your next casino visit.

2. Slots Can Be Addictive

While there are many slots players who have been playing on and off for years without actually getting addicted, the harsh truth is that slots can definitely be addictive.

The risk and reward mechanisms of slot machines make them an ideal thing to get hooked on.

This is perhaps one of the least-talked slot machine secrets in the casino circles and the reason why you should be very careful about these games.

If you have an addictive personality, you should probably stay away from slot machines altogether and try any other game in a casino, as it may be less addictive and less likely to get you into trouble.

1. Slots Offer the Worst Odds in a Casino

In live casinos, slot games offer odds that are significantly worse than any other game, including blackjack and roulette.

Classic casino games often have a house edge of just 2% or 3%, while many live slots give the casino an edge of 10% or even more.

With such a big edge over the players, casinos win billions of dollars a year at slot machines, quietly, and a few cents at a time.

Everyone in the casino sees the big players playing roulette or baccarat for hundreds or thousands of dollars, but it is the slot machines where the casino makes most of its money.

If you were looking to actually optimize your casino bets, you would do your best to play blackjack or video poker and steer clear of slot machines altogether!

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