Editorial Guidelines

Casinopieslots.com Editorial Guidelines

Our goal is to create a leading platform for trustworthy casino reviews, accurate game guides and interesting information, so all content published on our site has this mission at the forefront.

To reach that at casinopieslots.com, we work with multiple industry-expert writers. These people create all the in-depth game guides, casino and slot reviews, and other content you’ll find on our website.

In these editorial guidelines, we’ll tell you about the philosophy and instructions our editorial team are working by.

Industry-Expert Writers

Casinopieslots.com is an online casino and gambling guide concentrating on the quality of information rather than quantity. As such, it’s important to us that we only publish factually correct and informative content.

Whether we cover casinos, games, payment methods, bonuses, or dive deep into strategies, we always write intending to help you in one way or another.

We want you to be able to trust the information you find on our site, and that is why we only work with casino industry experts.

All our writers have either worked within the casino industry or have written exclusively for this niche for years. By only working with true casino veterans, we can ensure that the articles we publish are error-free and expertly written. This is further ensured by all articles being proofread before they go live on our site.

Trustworthy, In-Depth, and Unbiased Content

The articles we publish, be they game guides, casino reviews, news and blog articles, or any other type of content, are always unbiased and honest.

The number one priority for our writers is that all users should be able to trust that what we write is factually correct. We are not in the business of making facts up, as all topics will be thoroughly researched.

We always put our values in front and follow our guidelines to deliver trustworthy content without any intervention from the casinos we review.

Many similar websites to ours give their writers a specific word count per article, but here at casinopieslots.com, we’ve chosen not to do that. Our editorial team are not concerned with how many words an article consists of, as the in-depth information contained in it is the only thing that matters.

We can only achieve the highest-quality content by trusting our writers to be experts within their respective fields. And as we have a very thorough recruitment process, this is ensured for every team member.

With every writer publishing articles under their own name, you can always be sure that they stand by the information they provide. On top of that, we follow strict quality guidelines and the chief editor double-checks all the information before it hits the site.

Objective and Honest Reviews

Casinopieslots.com Objective and Honest Reviews

Even though we are partners with all the casinos we recommend on our website, we still guarantee objective, honest, unbiased reviews. While we generate revenue from casinos (read our ‘How We Make Money’ page), that doesn’t mean that they have a say in what we write when we review them.

By separating our teams, we ensure that we have unbiased and honest casino reviews.

No one in our editorial team negotiates our affiliate commissions with casinos, nor are they privy to the information about such deals. This makes it possible for our writers to be completely honest and objective when testing and reviewing online casinos. Besides, no writers work on a commission basis, so they have no monetary incentives to rate a casino better than it deserves.

Testing Casinos for Truthful Reviews

When we review online casinos, we always test them from top to bottom. We never rely on information provided to us by the casino’s representatives, nor do we use any information we find online at other websites.

Therefore, all the information you find in our casino reviews is the information we have gathered by actually using the casino and carefully reviewing its terms and conditions.

If the casino we review proves to not be one we want to recommend, we will not publish the review.

The same goes for slots and games we review. We play the games and write reviews based on what we experience in the game and what we find in the official game information.

Up-to-Date Information

As online casinos change their offerings or services, we do our best to update our reviews and articles accordingly. However, it may be the case that we have not been informed of all changes made, and therefore, you may occasionally find outdated information on our site.

If you do, we’d very much appreciate it if you would contact us by email and let us know so we can amend it.

Likewise, if you find any other errors in our guides or articles, we’d very much appreciate the feedback. We strive to only provide factual and up-to-date information to all our users, but at the end of the day, even in the casinopieslots.com editorial team, we are only humans.

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